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오라클 데이터베이스는 기업이 비즈니스 정보에 대해 향상된 통제력과 통찰력을 확보하고 급변하는 환경에 보다 신속하고 완벽하게 적응할 수 있도록 합니다. 신제품은 오라클의 독보적인 데이터베이스 클러스터링, 데이터 센터 자동화, 워크로드 관리 성능이 혁신적으로 향상됐습니다. 또한 뛰어난 보안, 고가용성, 확장성으로 저비용 고효율 서버와 스토리지의 그리드 컴퓨팅을 구현해 복잡한 트랜잭션 처리, 데이터웨어하우징, 콘텐트 매니지먼트를 지원합니다.



지원가능 기술

 - RAC

 - OGG

 - ODA

 - Exadata

 - Enterprise Manager

 Oracle Database Express Edition
Oracle Database Express Edition
Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition One
Oracle Database Standard Edition One
Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition
Oracle Database Standard Edition
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
Maximum1 CPU2 Sockets4 SocketsNo Limit
Database Size11GBNo LimitNo LimitNo Limit
Oracle Multitenant   Option

Big Data and Data Warehousing

Oracle Advanced Compression   Option
Oracle OLAP   Option
Oracle Partitioning   Option
Oracle Advanced Analytics   Option
Transportable Tablespaces, Including Cross-Platform   
Star Query OptimizationPL/SQL only
Summary Management - Materialized View Query Rewrite   
Information Lifecycle Management   

High Availability

Oracle Active Data Guard   Option
Data Guard   
Transaction Guard   
Cross-Platform Recovery   
Cross-Platform Backup   
Fail Safe 
Flashback Query
Flashback Table, Database and Transaction Query   
Oracle Secure BackupOracle Secure Backup is its own product that works with each Oracle Database edition.
Server Managed Backup and Recovery 

Performance and Scalability

Oracle Real Application Clusters  Option
Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node   Option
Adaptive Execution Plans   
Integrated Clusterware 
Automatic Workload Management  
Java, PL/SQL Native CompilationPL/SQL only
Oracle In-Memory Database Cache   Option

Security Defense in Depth

Data Masking   Requires Oracle Data Masking Pack
Real Application Security   
Oracle Database Vault   Option
Oracle Audit Vault and Database FirewallOracle Audit Vault is its own product that works with each Oracle Database edition.
Oracle Advanced Security   Option
Oracle Label Security   Option
Secure Application Roles   
Oracle Virtual Private Database   
Fine-Grained Auditing   
Proxy Authentication 
Data Encryption Toolkit

Application Development

Oracle Flashback Data Archive 
SQL Pattern Matching 
Temporal Database 
Oracle SQL Developer
Oracle Application Express
Java Support 
Comprehensive XML Support
Comprehensive Microsoft .Net Support, OLE DB, ODBC


Oracle Real Application Testing   Option
Oracle Enterprise Manager 
Automatic Memory Management
Oracle Automatic Storage Management 
Automatic Undo Management


Basic Replication 
Distributed Queries/Transactions

Unstructured Data Management

Oracle Spatial and Graph   Option
Oracle Secure Enterprise SearchOracle Secure Enterprise Search is its own product that works with each Oracle Database edition.